Best Career Option After 12th Arts

Career consciousness among the students is increasing day by day. Competition is also increasing side by side and today everyone wants the best job and career. Hard work is of course the key to success. But another thing that is very important is proper planning. Without proper planning, even hard work can also not guarantee you success that you always want to achieve. It is very important to have a proper planning for your career before you actually reach some decision point. After passing out the 12th standard from arts, a student in India has various options to choose from, a career through own interested field or career guidance after 12th from an expert. There are a lot of opportunities available that provides a good career option for those passing out 12th with arts. It is very important to plan your next step well in advance. While making a choice a student should keep in mind a lot of things. There are a lot of factors like, your interest, your capabilities and resource available that would affect your decision. Hence you need to give in a proper time to figure out your career

When you were in primary school, you might not have an exact idea about what you want to do in future, but once you complete in your 12th there comes an important phase of your life and you tend to take your first step towards your career. As you get older, you discover that choosing a career is a very complex, multi-step process and you need in a lot of research work to make a proper decision.

If you have finished your school in arts stream chances are that you’ve already been looking to attain an insight into the various fields of education in the line. It is obvious that you would be having a rough idea about the available options, and after 12th it is time to gather some detailed knowledge of these career fields. There are also students who have been seeking career guidance after 12th from experts in the field. Keeping in mind that students today require updated information and various career options after 12th from the changing career scenarios, there are a lot of colleges and professional institutes offering free career guidance, but these are mostly aimed at attracting students towards their own courses. It is better to choose your path yourself, because no one other than yourself can best understand you and your capabilities.

Few Professional Courses after 12th in Arts:

There are a lot of options for the students passing their 12th in arts from any recognized educational board or university. There are a wide variety of courses involving varied abilities of the students; there are those that are suited only to individuals with a certain temperament or talent. Some options are very academically demanding and require long years of study on the other hand there are also some courses that are more personality-oriented. There is a wide range of options for students these days. There are unlimited number of choices and options available for the arts students, but the need is to pick out the best option on the basis of your capabilities. Some of the popular options are:

(i) Course of Mass Communication:

Mass communication is a very popular career option for those having good communication skills as well those looking for an adventurous career option in future. With the rewards that come with a career in mass communication, the course is highly popular among non-science students looking for career guidance after 12th and wants to choose the right career path. It is the career options after 12th for those who have interest in news and current affairs and have a good communication ability to communicate with other people.

(ii) Career in the Field of Web/graphic design:

Web designing also provides a great career opportunity for the individuals who have their interest in the fields of internet as well as designing. Everyday more and more web-sites as well as internet applications are being launched and there is a tremendous demand for the talented individuals who can bring in some new innovation. There are separate branches of professional courses related to web and graphic designs. These may be associated either to the animation, web hosting, graphic designing, editing, sound engineering and other related subject where an interested student can make a best career.

(iii) Course in Fashion Design:

Fashion designing is one of top emerging career options after 12th. Students interested in the field of fashion and design can easily get into this career option. All that you need here is creativity and innovation. There are various top fashion design institutes in India that offers diploma courses, graduate level courses, post graduate courses and more in apparel marketing and merchandising and it is adjudged best courses after 12th.

(iv) Career in Hospital Management:

Hospital management is gaining popularity rapidly in our country. Though this is not a new career option in western countries, but in our country this career option has become popular from past few years. These days standard of living is increasing day by day and people are spending a lot of money towards hospitality. If you like to serve others, then a career after 12th arts in hospitality is certainly an option that you can avail.

(v) Career in Defence:

Yet another opportunity available is the career in defence services. A Career in defence services is one which demands responsibility and ability to face challenges at regular intervals of time without being emotional at the same time. One can opt for a career in defence after 10+2, graduation like engineering (B.E./ and also after post graduation courses like MBA and MCA. If you really have feeling of doing something for your country and willing to face some really tough situations then it is surely a great career for you.

(vi) Career in Law:

Those interested in law studies can directly take Common Law Admission Test (CLAT). CLAT is common law admission test on basis of which students can secure their seat into a law school.

(vii) Event Management Course:

Candidates having strong leadership qualities as well as high level of creative thinking can go for event management course. While choosing career after 12th arts students have access to courses in event management that provides an edge over those who do not have such a degree and also a great career options after 12th. This is a career field where more than your qualification, your skill and experience matters.


There are a lot of parents who still thinks that after 10th science is the only choice a good future and most of the times end up forcing their children to opt for something that they have no interest in. it’s a high time and now even skill based careers are also highly paid and respected. There are a lot of career opportunities available after 12th in arts. If a student wants to opt for science then we should not discourage him, but for those who want to go for arts, parents should not force them into science. There are equal numbers of opportunities these days for students with arts backgrounds.

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